Friday, January 28, 2011

Part Time Lovers

A video by Yvette Choy commissioned for the New Sound Karaoke party in NYC, which sounds so incredibly fun. Check out the long hair I used to sport in this Bay Area queer rewrite of the Stevie Wonder song. Wow, right!? Amazing. I never realized my hair looked so sleazy until this video. Why didn't anyone tell me? Besides my hair, the video stars and cameos many other local celebs. Check it on out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Heaven in '11!

Happy New Year!

I hope I don't die this year or this entry's subject heading will be taken to be way more inauspicious and prophetic than intended! I just read a NY Times article on that very subject and now I'm sketched out about each of my online and social networking activities being my last and all you friends and lurkers reading too deeply into it. For the record, I don't plan on dieing and going to heaven this year! I plan to create heaven here on Earth this year! Here's what's going on so far...

On Monday, January 17th I turn 33 years young! I'm having my birthday party at Playland-Not-At-The-Beach in El Cerrito and the word to describe my feeling about this event is: STOKED! If you are around and you self-identify as my friend I'd probably love to see you there!

The Facebook event page, for more info!


On Tuesday, January 18th Greg and I are proud co-presenters for the RADAR show at The Luggage Store!

*Also part of the package: a reading by Vendela Vida, Hot Probs with Ali Liebegott, an interview between literary jocks Tara Jepsen and Sara Seinberg, and art by Angie Wang, work by Joël Barraquiel Tan*

*Submit an advice question before the show and get a homemade treat!*


1007 Market St.
San Francisco, CA


And finally, opening on January 21st is NAGAS- The North American Graduate Art Survey show at the Katherine E. Nash gallery at the University of Minnesota. Greg and I and our Falling In Love... with Chris and Greg "Hair Breakdown Special" and my own "Have You Ever Seen A Transsexual Before?" will be on heavy video rotation for about a month. If you are in or around Minneapolis you should check it out and report back to me! I'd love to know how it all looks!

*Opening Reception: Friday, January 21st 6-8:30 pm

The show runs from Tuesday, January 18th to Thursday, February 17th, 2011


That's all for now! Let's not be strangers in '11. And let's collectively promise to not die!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

No More Potlucks

I'm proud to announce the launch of my interview for the web-based and print journal No More Potlucks, lucky issue no. 13, around the theme of Chance! Lucas Crawford, whom I haven't yet met in person--but who I know via our non-stop email contact since this past Summer, is an extremely charming and brilliant Canadian. He wrote and patiently conducted the interview with me, and through his skilled question-asking and editing skills made me sound way smarter and articulate than I usually feel I am.

Read it and see for yourself: Redistributing Life Chances: The Fantastical Homotopias of Chris Vargas

Also, read this co-written piece by Lucas: Rethinking Hate Crimes: The Hard Work of Creating Social Equity