Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Guess who's simply dying to get on that fast-paced, high-adventure CBS reality game show the Amazing Race?! The uber-savvy, managing director for RADAR productions Beth Pickens and the very talented comic book artist and famous vegan hailing from Portland, Oregon--thee Nicole J. Georges. And guess who's dying to help them realize this dream?! Greg Youmans and I.

Check out the audition video Greg and I shot in Akumal, Mexico during our time at the August 2011 RADAR Lab writing retreat (no, this is not all we did there). We just finished editing this today, and the deadline for submissions is midnight tomorrow! Cross your fingers for 'em!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Word Is Out: A Queer Film Classic

I'm so thrilled to announce the release of my better-half's hot-off-the-press book, Word Is Out: A Queer Film Classic... by the brilliant Greg Youmans (in case you don't know who my better half is). The book is part of a great series about important queer cinematic works, authored by a variety of other brilliant scholars & authors.

Out of the boxes, Onto the shelves!

And the book is partially dedicated to me!!.. along with Sally Gearhart, whom I'm honored to share the dedication with.

From the Arsenal Pulp Press website:
A Queer Film Classic on the groundbreaking 1977 documentary that profiles the lives of ordinary gay men and lesbians of different ages, races, and backgrounds. Word Is Out found a wide audience theatrically and, perhaps more importantly, had a national public-television broadcast. The film provided an intimate portrait of gay men and lesbians, and by doing so, it played a significant role in the then-nascent struggle for gay rights. It premiered six months after Anita Bryant’s infamous "Save Our Children" campaign led to the repeal of a gay rights ordinance in Florida, and just as other antigay activists were beginning to copy her tactics elsewhere in the US. With its affable portrait of twenty-six gay men and women, Word Is Out offered an important counterpoint to the homophobic rhetoric that Bryant and others were spreading.

Greg Youmans examines the historical, political, and aesthetic significance of this important film, situating it firmly in its late-1970s context. He also delves beneath the film's surface to explore the backstory of its making, from the complicated relationships among its six filmmakers (three men, three women) to the more than 140 video pre-interviews they conducted in their search for the perfect cast.

Arsenal's Queer Film Classics series cover some of the most important and influential films about and by LGBTQ people.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Food!"- Periwinkle Cinema @ ATA


I would like to cordially invite you to a night of queer food-themed videos, including Falling In Love... with Chris and Greg Episode 3 "Food!" You won't see any sploshing from us, but that's not say you won't see it elsewhere in the program!

It's TONIGHT at the Periwinkle Cinema @ Artists' Television Access! So sorry for the short notice. Hope to see you there anyway, we'll try not to hold it against you if we don't...

TONIGHT! Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Doors open at 7:45, films start at 8:15

Falling in Love... with Chris & Greg
Episode 3: "Food!"
26 min. video by Chris Vargas & Greg Youmans

Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

Plus, queer shorts about food:

• Something Special - Cousin Wonderlette

• Greasy Habits - Matthew Strange with Vainhein + Vulvaareola
• an Instrument of Ritual: Representing Consciousness Parts I-III - Lindsay Laven + Gina Clark
• Feeder Porn I + II - Leo Herrera
• Eggs - Peter Max Lawrence
• Queer Pessimism - Alien Moon Partnership
• 3 Funerals & a Baby - Robbie Hansen
• Orange Trilogy - Lorin Murphy
& more! Plus: refreshments, snacks, door prizes, fun!

Curated by Lorin Murphy

more info:
we love:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


At Home

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 3 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Featuring work by:
Nancy Chan, Rie Hirai, Claire Kessler-Bradner, Kija Lucas, Minette Mangahas, Chris E. Vargas

@ Asian Resource Center Gallery
310 Eighth Street
Oakland, CA

We each have a place we call “home,” but is it the hometown or country, the place you grew up in, your current living space? Home may once have been a space for sleep, work and sustenance, not comfort or “hominess.” Today, it also has become a site for the construction of one’s identity.

At Home examines concepts of home and hominess and the shifting identities derived from definitions of “home.” The artists in At Home come from various perspectives, from immigrants to natives of Oakland Chinatown, yet they all attempt to define home for themselves, and in turn add to a larger notion of “home.”

Curated By Jackie Im

Presented by Kearny Street Workshop and East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation

Facebook Event