Monday, February 28, 2011

Original Plumbing BLOG post #4: The Joy of Jason Fritz Michael

This week for my OP blog post I chat with dear friend Jason Fritz Michael! If you've seen any of my movies or videos it's likely you've seen his performing talent in action. But he's so much more than an actor in my work...

Read about his many talents HERE!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Original Plumbing BLOG post #3: Wu Tsang

This week I posted an interview that's been in the making since I got this weekly blogging assignment! A post I've been very excited to share with the Original Plumbing fans and readers. It's an interview with LA based artist Wu Tsang about his his film & club WILDNESS and his blog CLASS.

Wu Tsang photo by Ren'yo Hwang

Read the post HERE!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you bi-QUEEROUS?

Want to see how Greg Youmans and I do in our interview with our friend and talented filmmaker/musician H.P. Mendoza in his New Camp blog series on! Read HERE!

drawing by Jason Fritz Michael

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Original Plumbing BLOG post #2

This week on my OP blog day, I'm proud to present to you my dear friend and acclaimed poet, Mr. J. Ely Shipley. It was recently pointed out to me that my OP blog entries are "very adult" and this person didn't mean in the "adult entertainment" sort of way. Adult in the age, kinda way. And to that I say, that's great! If adult means talking to your talented queer friends in depth about their creative process, BRING IT ON! Look at me, I'm embracing my budding Queer Elder status.

What some adult reading material?! READ THIS!

Ely and Joey: Argyle Becomes Them

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Criminal Queers **almost there!!**

Wow, it's going on 4 years now! 4 years ago that Eric and I shot the first scene for the Homotopia sequel Criminal Queers. I don't remember what or when exactly that was but it's sometime around now, 4 years ago. I'm writing today to say, it's almost done! I swear, I'm not just saying it this time. Yes, I know I've been declaring it almost done for 2 of the past 4 years, but this time it's really true. We have an amazing editor, Hokulani Beale and she is cutting it the F up! It's starting to look like a real movie. A good movie, in fact. One you'd be chompin' at the bit to see! And this Sunday, we're shooting the final scene of the movie. A mass prison break! If you want to come, check out the Facebook event and contact me directly to confirm. No messin' around. We need to be absolutely sure who can come because 1. we're going to feed you and 2. we need to make sure we have enough orange "County Jail" jump suits for you all. This is so very important, so please consider showing up and helping us make prison abolitionist, queer visual history!

Then! Ready or not, we're screening a cut of the movie at UCSC on February 28th, 2011 at 7-9 PM! Whoa, right?! The clock is tickin'! We got some work to do. But, if you're in Santa Cruz you should absolutely come. It's guaranteed to be something else!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Original Plumbing BLOG post #1

This week kicks off two months worth of my blogging for Original Plumbing! I'm thrilled about talking to all the people I plan to talk to, then posting it for you to read on the internet-but I'm not giving any secrets away just yet. I want you to be suprised!

For my first post I talk to two very special and committed people, Kelly Besser and Irina Contreras about The Miracle Bookmobile of LA and Oakland. Read the entire interview: HERE!