Friday, September 12, 2008

Sea Turtles and Hawai'i

What's not to love about them?

Hawai'i was amazing, FYI. Turtles are great. Especially when you swim with them and watch them-through a snorkel mask, graze on underwater flora, and spy them sneaking secret kisses to one another (or were they fighting?), and strap them up with a saddle and ride with them over a rainbow. All of which Greg and I did, BTW.

We also made this wedding cake...

it's still ok for consenting straight people to get married, right, queer radicals? Just make sure, though, that a gay is making that damn cake! The first layer was carrot cake (Greg is "famous" for it), the second-chocolate (note: everyone loves chocolate), and the top "yellow."

Also, Lava! Everywhere. The islands are made of it, for G-d's sake! Who knew?

Along with lava, are steaming cracks and craters in the Earth suggesting that an eruption could happen at any second (if one should be so lucky). That SO2 smoke, though, is apparently messing with people's health, and the tourist(/hostage*) economy.

*A term that Haunani-Kay Trask uses in her book From A Native Daughter to talk about the Hawai'ian Natives' reliance on service jobs in the destructive tourism sector, making them complicit with the degradation of their culture, community, and land.

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