Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gay Video -A-Day! (a kind of mix tape!)

For Fun-A-Day (31 projects/activities everyday for the whole month of January), I've decided I'm going to post at least one video, gleaned from the www, that contains some type of queer/trans-related content. I promise to keep vlogs to a minimum, though I doubt I'll be able to resist some Chris Crocker every now and again, and I will try to keep it vaguely thoughtful, or at least provocative on some level. Through viral means, I watch a lot of video on the internet but I often wish I did more exploring. Thus, Gay Video-A-Day!

So, 'til January I will be posting a Chris Vargas Best Of.../Faves of 2008 Gay web video, then beginning January 1st I will create a day-by-day video mix tape to usher in a New Year full of queerness and videoness!

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