Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who has HBO?

I need to hang out with you on April 18th, at 8pm! Also, because of the new obscenely huge Grey Gardens billboards all across LA me and my 16 (going on 17) year old friend/niece, Becky are unable to immediately rent the original 1975 doc from any of the good local gay video stores! Damn it, another reason why Netflix does and doesn't work!! BTW, those billboards will have the unsavvy believe it's a heart-warming, cross-generational, sentimental friend flick. Good thing I was there to undo that kind of poor marketing for Beck. She might have otherwise missed a pretty great example of whiteness breaking down.

See below 1. one of the original Grey Gardens trailers 2. the new HBO trailer (starring Drew "Baby-talk" Barrymore and Jessica Lange) and 3. a relevant tip (from Onya and Courtney)...

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