Monday, November 2, 2009

Norman McLaren's Nu Shooz

What the hell am I doing in art school, because let me tell you: It's already been done! And, Nu Shooz did it! In the 80s! Or rather, who ever made Nu Shooz'a videos in the 80s did it! Whoa.

(please feel free to take note of the type of masculinity that earns the singer's affection in the end, which as some may have been able to tell has been a model for my recent look)

All of these videos employ pixilation, a stop-motion animation technique which uses both animate objects-like people and inanimate objects-like Jelly shoes! Check out the 1950s Norman McLaren films below, which are both pixilated (not to be confused with pixElated) and gay (with a misogynist moment thrown in to keep it real)!


Anonymous said...

i was just reading about chair tale !!!!!!


andy said...

wouldn't it be so great if we had all those shoes from the "point of no return" video?

this was my mom's favorite band in the 80's and i collected pop cans every day to buy her the tape for her 28th birthday!

Chris Vargas said...

Oh my god, go to the NuShooz website and listen to a snipet of the "I Can't Wait" unplugged version!

Go white Portland soul!