Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ethnoculture in Montréal

Canada is seriously proving to be the biggest supporter of the US American queer arts! This Sunday (as in tomorrow) Falling In Love... Episode 3: Food! is playing at an event called Ethnoculture in Montréal, Canada! And so is Homotopia, the movie Eric Stanley and I made 4 years ago! That's right, it was that long ago! Join me in a walk down memory lane with these wonderfully trippy photos taken during the shoot for the movie's final chaotic wedding scene. All photos by the talented Keith Aguiar:

Joy beating Greg with purse
Yoshi and object of desire reunite

Susan as caterer with water gun
 Also, allow me to share this image Greg and I made for Darin Klein and Suzanne Wright's 2nd issue of the zine 21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves (link to Darin Klein's blog entry covering the 1st issue's release event). We are so honored to be included in this publication. We're also excited to be self-appointed Marriage and Family Therapists for other "Intergenderational" couples via our sitcom, at a price you can't beat! Let us be your role models....

Lastly, Greg and I are participating in Shadow Shop, a pop-up store project by Stephanie Syjuco taking place at SF MOMA from November 2010 'til April 2011. We'll be selling the scrapbooklet/season one DVD that we're working on at this very moment! Check the Shadow Shop website for more details on the project.

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