Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"I Can Feel It But I Don't Get It" video program

Tonight! If you're in Boston, I'd like to encourage you to attend this finely currated video program in the Boston LGBT Film Fest, "I Can Feel It, But I Don't Get It"!

"It's Cool, I'm Good" by Stanya Kahn, 2010, 35:27 min, Los Angeles, USA

Wednesday, May 11 9:30pm
"I Can Feel It, But I Don't Get It" in The Boston LGBT Film Fest
Curated by Jeannie Simms
@ The BRATTLE THEATER Harvard Square
40 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA

TIX $9.75
STUDENTS: $7.75 (bring ID)

A Program of videos at the Boston LGBT Film Festival
Curated by Jeannie Simms

These pieces, all influenced by histories of cinema and contemporary video art explore various seen and unseen forces: materials, logics and pressures that ambiguously ooze into the frame unspoken by unsettling means.

LUCAS MICHAEL'S "El Maragato Barometrica" is a quiet video, sans dialogue, shot in Uruguay on a cell phone camera that documents a flooded house, a truck, it's attached hose, men at work and a slow, unexplained labor process. The eye witness immediacy of the low end video suggests a moment of crisis and delay on the brink of containment or collapse. (Uruguay/USA)

STANYA KAHN'S "It's Cool, I'm Good" follows an androgynously bandaged character with mysteriously attained full-body injuries who speaks to the camera from a bed in a hospital, to strangers at a fast food picnic table, in the belly of a world full of contaminated water, pus filled wounds, littered streets and corporately engineered hot dogs. (Los Angeles, USA)

Flipping by photo after photo throughout the decades at a breakneck clip, the 1970's, 80's, 90's and 2000's provide a backdrop of embarrassing teen hairdos, social and familial tensions and various cheap photo technologies in ALLYSON MITCHELL'S "My Life in 5 Minutes." Master paradigms hover and lurk as the narrative glides and lingers through moments of assimilation and refutation amidst swirling colors and inventive lo-fi animated techniques.
(Toronto, Canada)

"Falling in Love with Chris and Greg: Episode 2 Road Trip! TV Special" by CHRIS VARGAS and GREG YOUMANS uses the iconic American Road Trip, a typically liberating and transcendent cinematic motif, in which a gay/trans couple drive from the west coast into the American heartland chafing and squirming more vigorously under the social, political and biological possibilites of marriage and pregnancy as they pummel toward Vegas--chomping high-fructose snacks, sweating and swapping Native American vocabs as they go. (San Francisco, USA)

-by Jeannie Simms

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