Sunday, October 28, 2012

.... AAAND, I'm back!

Tumblr wasn't all that I needed it to be, and I don't have the energy to set up a Wordpress, so here I am! Back on blogspot. Yay. Lots of stuff happened since August but I'll spare you the 3 month update, and I'll let you check out my website for an itemized list of all the different screenings, shows, etc.

Most excitedly though, at the end of September Greg & I finished our chapter 20 adaptation for Michelle Tea's Valencia movie! Sadly though, you're not able to view it just yet since it's part of a larger project that hasn't been officially unveiled to the public. But just to tide you over, below are some stills from our chapter for which we cast Michelle's character as Angelina Jolie from all her mid 90s iconic dyke roles [Gia, Girl Interrupted, Fox Fire, Hackers], animated cat eye glasses on & necessary props atop the appropriated footage, and re-dubbed all the dialogue. Watch out for this thing to be touring film fests soon!

Also, have you seen Xara Thustra's new book, whose release party was last night? You should find a way to do so if you haven't. I'm not sure how you go about doing that, so good luck to you. But you'll find a way. I trust. [maybe: sarathustraplease (AT) yahoo com ? ]

 Me enthralled by Xara's new book [in between trying to get drunk punks to pay for it]

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