Friday, January 16, 2009

Gay Baking, The Wrong Way

I'm posting these two videos because 1. yesterday Eric Stanley said my hair looked like William Sledd, and I think he's right and 2. because I've been baking today, too! The right way, as in not from out of a box. "The Best" Pumpkin muffins (vegan), to be more specific. And 3. because in my day I have helped make a wedding cake and this is not how you do it. The second video offends me actually. Watch it, you'll see. Below the videos is a picture of the respectable cake I was involved in making during my trip to Hawai'i last year.

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday (give or take a year) and I am hosting a lovely bruncheon picnic by a lake (that shall remain nameless, lest the paparazzi show up) here in Oakland. My Mom sent me an obnoxious musical card with a check and note that said "Buy yourself something pretty." Why, isn't she funny! And my grandma re-gifted me a Starbucks coffee card. Cheapskate. Kidding! Thanks, Nan!

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