Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

A trailer for Lifetime's "Red Carpet Event," Prayers For Bobby. The real true-to-life(time) story of the great LGBT crusader Mary Griffith (never mind the son she killed) who is moved to speak against Bible-inspired homophobia after the suicide of her son. This would fall under one of Greg's favorite genres, parents bravely coming to terms with their child's gayness, or AIDSness. Sometimes both at the same time. Either way, the message is that it is way harder on the parents that their little queer may possibly die due to gay-related events, be it disease or violence.

This little gem stars Sigourney Weaver who, legend has it, was so tall and gawky and therefore perpetually type-cast at her Ivy League acting school that classmate Meryl Streep, who received all the female leads, was so guilt-ridden it drove her to therapy. Weird anecdote included in the Advocate article/interview about Sigourney and this movie. Don't know why I felt the need to include it here, but thanks for reading anyway.

Read a hilarious projected synopsis here, a blog friend-of-a-real life friend's entry, you know how it goes!

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