Monday, April 5, 2010

Puppet twins

Drawings that Greg and I did in February during our underwhelming stay at the gay B&B in Guerneville. Everything else about that loverly Valentines trip was awesome, the lush green hike, the seals 'pupping' at the beach, helping make Greg's Super 8 exploration of the town, watching Dreamgirls stoned, drawing this drawing! But the alienating and offensive breakfast conversation among the other guests talking about how Oakland is so scary and dangerous- dear god, avoid it at all costs!, about how poor people can now afford to live in their once expensive neighborhoods and now they're bringing down their property values, and how laws should be stricter putting people in prison longer because they read in the paper that one person recently released from prison went and committed a crime again. Appalling! I'm not making this up, it was like a racist American upper middle class script.

Guess who drew which! I'll send some 50% Easter candy to the first person who guesses right, within a reasonable time. This is a test to see if anyone's out there reading this. (click to enlarge)


courtney said...

chris on the left, greg on the right.

Chris Vargas said...

Wrong! No Easter candy for you!