Friday, April 30, 2010

Screening: Works from the Eisner Prize Competition

Please join me for a public screening of the Falling In Love... with Chris and Greg "Hair Breakdown Special" and my own solo video "Have You Ever Seen A Transsexual Before?" (see image above)

Friday, May 7, 2010
Pacific Film Archives
2575 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA

"The Eisner Prize is the highest award for creativity given on the UC Berkeley campus. This program presents work by this year’s two winners in film and video, aZin seraj and Curtis Tamm, along with a diverse sampling of videos from the competition. Seraj will screen Whisper my name, a visual diary of her journey back to her abandoned childhood school in Dehkadeh, Iran. Tamm presents hour) or a fis…, which builds on medical training films to construct a densely edited, visceral experience of the human body’s orifices. A program containing written descriptions by the artists will be available at the screening."

• Continuum (Taro Masushio, 2009, 2 mins)
• Exhibit #61, SGv8-PH-013109, The Closest I’ve Ever Been to Masha (Merav Tzur, 2009, 8 mins)
• Falling in Love with Chris and Greg: Hair Breakdown Special (Chris E. Vargas, Greg Youmans, 2009, 4 mins)
• Have You Ever Seen a Transsexual Before? (Chris E. Vargas, 2010, 4 mins)
• Audio Report of Refinery Surveyor Black (Galen Jackson, 2010, 25 mins)
• Hannah’s Ringer (Ella Andersson, 2009, 5.5 mins)
• White Path (Pierre Camarena, 2009, 6.5 mins)
• Initiative (Asali Echols, 2009, 4 mins)
• Reika (Nagisa Kodama, 2009, 16 mins)
• Whisper my name (aZin seraj, 2009, 4 mins). hour)
• or a fis... (Curtis Tamm, 2009, 10 mins)

(Total running time: c. 90 mins, Color, Digital video, From the artists)

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