Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode 2: Roadtrip! TV Special

Finally, the much anticipated second installment of Falling In Love...(Chris and Greg-style) is now on the internet and ready to pleasure you with obscene pregnant-man jokes, bleeding-tranny references, and misguided dreams of anti-marriage activism.

I am sorry to report, we are not yet ready to begin production on our third episode, as we need to assess our original project vision and determine whether our messages of anti-state, anti-imperial, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, pro-free-loving, free-wheeling, queer-hippie sexuality is in fact being heard and interpreted from this messy irresponsible gay relationship rom-sit-com project we have embarked upon.

My guess is, we'll come back with equal parts irresponsble and hilarious, but incorporating more actors/resses, more camera-angles, and more than a pony with 2 tricks. Now, pack this one in your 'water pipe' and Chong it like 'twas a Chron...


adrienne said...

"Gaybie boom!" This should be prime time TV. XXOO

Chris Vargas said...

Thanks, Adrienne! Will you put in a good word for us at the networks?