Monday, July 26, 2010

Michfest, Paris, and Twitter

The topic of Mich Fest (aka Michigan Womyn's Music Festival) is hot on everyone's minds and internets these days. I honestly don't know when it is -I'm assuming it's coming up soon, and over my queer lifetime I have mostly stayed out of the heated debates as I have never in my life had any desire to go, and always figured it was not worth the time or energy to demand transgender inclusion in such a staunchly woman-born-woman separatist space. "Woman-born-woman," a complicated term if one feels they were born a "woman" with a biological difference, and wait isn't the category "woman" a social construct? Am I late to this conversation, or what? Am I a femstudies undergrad? But this year, despite the now 4 year old change in policy I've managed to encounter a few interesting responses to the issue of transgender women on The Land....


Annie Danger: An open letter to my friends who attend the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

And, Tom Leger's xtra normal video called 'Let's Talk About Michigan" (if you don't know, this was made in a text-to-movie site/program where you plug in dialogue and simple gestures onto prefab animated figures, then pay to publish it. FYI, Greg did a shot-for-shot remake of our Hair Breakdown Special with robots and it was amazing! We were too cheap/broke to publish it). I think Tom's video is so witty!

And just for a glimpse into where the womyn are at with the trans-inclusion conversation, check out Michfest's website Transgender forum.

Besides all that, nothing much going on here except that me and my beloved are LEAVING FOR PARIS ON WEDNESDAY for 3 whole entire weeks! I've never been off the continent so I am so totally stoked, you have no idea! I'm sure I'll document it by way of millions of pictures, Flip videos, Facebook status updates, and maybe even a "Falling In Love... with Chris and Greg" Parisian Special! We LOVE a Special!

And, FYI, JIC you wanted to know, and I'm not even sure why I did it given that I don't have any sort of equipped mobile device, but I joined TWITTER. I'll TWEET you from Paris!

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Tom Leger said...

Thanks for the shout out, Chris! Have fun in Paris!

btw, it's WOMYN-BORN-WOMYN (I'm not making fun of them, it's what it on the website)