Saturday, July 10, 2010

No Justice...

no peace.
just us.

I'm in LA, but got my eye on Oakland. I am not one that believes the criminal justice system can or will offer "justice" to the people but the verdict of involuntary manslaughter for the case of Officer Mehserle, shooting an UNARMED BLACK MAN, LYING FACE DOWN on a BART platform is an insult.

Here is a small bit of thoughtful reading/watching material about this whole mess of a racist, fucked-up verdict:

The American Prospect, Oscar Grant A Victim of American Fear by Adam Serwer

The AK Press blog, Justice for Oscar Grant by Zach [pictures of the downtown Oakland aftermath]

Youth Radio blog, A Broken Window, That's Not a Human Life, That's Not Violence

Democracy Now

Please feel free to send me links to more news coverage and critical writings on this subject.

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