Saturday, July 10, 2010

TONIGHT: Outfest-Platinum Original Plumbing Party

Tonight's the night of the Outfest-Platinum Original Plumbing magazine release party for issue #3 at the REDCAT theater in Downtown, LA. The pre-reception starts at 8:30PM in the REDCAT lobby at which time guests may gather for drinks and face-to-face chats with Amos and Rocco, the co-editors of the mag, other performers and videomakers (such as myself) AND peruse the books from The Miracle Bookmobile-which I happen to be particularly excited about! The bookmobile will be parked just outside the lobby glass, in the adjoining parking structure. My good friend and LA host, Besser quickly put me to work in cataloging and "social-tagging" (a new term for me. for you, too?) the two boxes of book donations from my household that Greg and I so-painlessly checked aboard the easiest flight of our lives from OAKland to BURbank airports. God bless, you Southwest. And Goddess bless you, lezbrarians! Check out the tag cloud for the books in the collection. Pretty hilarious, and affirming to me and my affinity for bookish queers everywhere!

Hope to see you tonight, mystery blog readers!

A couple of the books you may find FREE for the taking from Miracle!

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