Saturday, May 19, 2012

BaBeL2: Biennale of Critical Housing

I'm thrilled to be part of a video program screening tomorrow at this event in Rome (Italy--for God's sake!) Babel2: An Independant Bienale of Critical Housing (site mostly in Italian). The video program, curated & presented by Tobaron Waxman with introduction by Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka Warbear (my new Facebook friend), is thematically conceived of with "landscape, border, zone and territory, in a transgender spectrum" in mind. If I were you and I were in Rome, I'd go. 

The first Biennale of Critical Housing in Rome is a project-laboratory for experimentation, reflection, research and debates focused on the world, spaces and meanings of dwelling."

* Info on the video program, TOPGRAPHIXX: Trans in the Landscape

* Facebook group for the events

Trailer for the program:

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