Sunday, May 13, 2012

Work of Art! Reality TV Special

Finally! This week Greg Youmans and I unleashed a new Falling In Love... with Chris and Greg onto the world the first of what we will arbitrarily demarcate as "Season Two." In the latest installment Greg & I compete on a mildly popular, ever-addictive Bravo! TV reality television show to be "The Next Great Artist", but can we make it through a double elimination? Take a guess! Watch and see why we are doomed to only make failed queer art ("and not in a good way")...

P.S. My Mom was totally convinced that Greg & I were for real on a reality show! She said she was almost halfway through when she realized for sure we hadn't been. Happy Mother's Day, Momz!

Greg's incredible "works on paper" that got him tragically (SPOILER ALERT) rejected from the competition. Sad... and misunderstood (like a real artist):

"For Your Information" a work on paper by Greg (2012)

"Preoccupied" a work on paper by Greg (2012)

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Keith Hennessy said...

when a friend sent this via FB I went crazy. I couldn't believe Chris & Greg were on that horrible show (which was such a het failure in season one). Plus I'm kinda obsessed with failure and queer and queer failure in my own practices of making and studying, so I couldn't see the fake in your reality. Talk about queer failure! Anyway I stopped watching after Simone's tranny commentary. Now I'm so glad to revisit and delight in the game. You're so awesome.

Chris E. Vargas said...

Amazing! Thanks for the kind words, Keith! and coming from you, I feel totally honored.

I never imagined people would think we were really for-real on that terrible-terrible show, so I'm totally taken by surprise when people think that we were. I guess our green-screen & voice dubbing skills aren't so bad after all!

This video was originally conceived for a RADAR book club event for Jack Halberstam's The Queer Art of Failure, but Greg & I could not get it together in time. Tacky, failed queers we are! But our thinking about this subject in general is also indebted to Jose Muñoz's writing (esp. his book Cruising Utopia) and the feminist-collective art journal LTTR who did an issue on failure in 2004 ("Practice More Failure"

Did you end up watching the whole video, yet?!