Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OP blog: Failures To Communicate

Greg & I co-wrote a piece for the Original Plumbing blog about our new video "Work of Art! Reality TV Special." We were so excited to do it, because we love OP and we want people to watch our video and love us! But we posted it earlier today and honestly folks, it felt like we just threw it away into the void. Like composting or recycling, you hope maniacally separating your refuse is doing some good for somebody (or some future somebodies)—but you're just not sure. That's what my blogging feels like. Very self-righteous, but very unsatisfying—usually.

Sorry for that bit of a downer rant. Despite it all, we're still glad that we wrote it and it exists. We're also especially thrilled Amos so generously let us post it on the OP blog, and we loved putting down, in writing all that we were thinking about when making the piece. So it's not all bad, I suppose. I think it's worthy of your time. You should read it: Failures To Communicate

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